Canterbury Line Drawing Linking to the Tour

I am always delighted when people want to put a link from their pages to the Canterbury Tour. I'm even more happy when people tell me that they are going to do so, so please drop me an email using my visitor's book.

The correct URL to use for the Tour is
You may also wish to link to the Canterbury Web site:

If you would like to include a photo or some photos from the Tour in your page, then please ask. I've never refused a request yet, but I am anxious to preserve my copyright on these photos, so will ask you to give me appropriate credit and also assert my copyright.


I've had a couple of requests for logos that can be used as a button to link to the Tour, and this page is designed to give you a button and the HTML that's needed to use it. I've squeezed this down to a small image (width=100, height=40), please talk to me if you want a larger one.


The Canterbury Tour, a unique virtual walk around this ancient city Here's the HTML that you need to include to get this simple button:
<a href=""> <img src=""
width=100 height=40 border=0
alt="The Canterbury Tour, a unique virtual walk around this ancient city"></a>


Visit the Canterbury Tour Here's the somewhat more complex HTML and embedded Javascript that you need to get this changing image (hint: move your mouse into the image - if nothing happened you are using a browser that is either Netscape 2 or Internet Explorer 3 or earlier).
<SCRIPT LANGUAGE = "JavaScript">
var hasImage = false;
bName = navigator.appName;
bVer = parseInt(navigator.appVersion);
if ((bName == "Netscape" && bVer >= 3) ||
  (bName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer" && bVer >= 4)) {
  hasImage = true;
  toff = new Image();
  toff.src = "";
  ton = new Image();
  ton.src = "";
function tourfr() {
  if (hasImage == true) {
    document['tour'].src = ton.src;
function tourbk() {
  if (hasImage == true) {
    document['tour'].src = toff.src;
// -->
<a href=""
  onMouseOver = "tourfr();"
  onMouseOut = "tourbk();">
<img name="tour" src=""
width=100 height=40 border=0
alt="Visit the Canterbury Tour"></a>

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This page last changed on 13th October 2002