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Navigating Canterbury

Navigation is done using a set of buttons:
Press to turn leftPress to turn roundPress to turn rightPress to move to next photo
To move on in the direction that you are facing, select the `Next' button. The other three arrows will turn you around `on the spot' to face a different direction. You will see a different view and will be able to move off in a new direction by pressing the `Next' button on that page. A button will only be displayed when a page is available in the appropriate direction. There is a compass at the top of each page, it should help you see which direction you are facing.

Some pages have extra links which will give you a side trip, or a view of something. Press for Report I am grateful to the Canterbury Archaeological Trust for permission to add relevent articles from their Annual reports. A button with the little trowel will take you to a page of text and pictures giving you information on the history of the site.

The Canterbury Tour, a unique virtual walk around this ancient city Peter Collinson
This page last changed on 18th April 2005.