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My bookshelf contains several books about Canterbury, all contribute in some way to the text that goes with the pictures of the Canterbury Tour. You can buy most of the books from the Albion Bookshop using their online ordering system and I include links to help you find them.

First, I derive much information from the Annual Reports from the Canterbury Archaeological Trust. You'll find many of these reports are online, and thanks are due to Marion Green from the Trust that arranged permission for me to do that. You can also buy the reports, they contain loads more information on the activities of the Trust and also obviously cover a wider area of Kent.

Here is a listing of other source books, with links to the Albion Bookshop page.

Some of my Cathedral material is taken from an old book that a friend found in a second hand bookshop: The Romance of Canterbury Cathedral by Margaret A Babington. The edition I have was printed in 1939.

Finally, I've also used odd booklets and handouts that I've bought or picked up from: The Canterbury Urban Studies Centre, which is always worth a visit; and St.Thomas' Church.

The Canterbury Tour, a unique virtual walk around this ancient city
Peter Collinson
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